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Fotos TILBURG 2001   Copyright by  Thomas Gutersohn 

2001  as a yearling colt PYRAMID AALIN  was named Junior-Champion of the 
          Egyptian Classic Show in Tilburg/Holland, and several times Reserve-Winner u.a.
          at the international B-Show in Blömeröd/Sweden, the Egyptian Event Europe
          and the international C-Show at Borgloon/Belgium.

Fotos TILBURG 2001   Copyright by 
Thomas Gutersohn 

2002   the EGYPTIAN EVENT EUROPE 2002 was about 80 km away from Ammerbuch.
           PYRAMID AALIN  was presented at EEE Winterlingen and reached the 1. Place 
           in the class of the 2-year old colts.

           PYRAMID AALIN  get with 269 points the highest score of the 1 - 3 year old colts,
           winner of the Breeders-Cup 2002 and Junior-Reserve-Champion Colts EEE 2002. 

Foto EEE 2002 Winterlingen  © by Melanie Groger 

Foto EEE 2002 Winterlingen   © by Erwin Escher 

  • 2002.07.13:   In the class of 2-year old colts PYRAMID AALIN  get the 3. place in a hard
    competition at the intern. B-Show in Wintzenheim/Alsace nearby Colmar/France.

Foto 2002 - Wintzenheim   © by Erwin Escher

  • At the international B-Show in Kreuth at 2002 September 14./15.  PYRAMID AALIN
    get the 2. place in the class of 2-year old colts by 7 competitors. 
    He was the only qualified straight egyptian junior colt in the final championship. 

Foto 2002 - Kreuth   © by Erwin Escher


  • June 2003:  Class-Winner 3-year colts  National Show at Neustadt/Dosse FRG

Foto 2003 - Neustadt/Dosse    © by Thomas Gutersohn


  • 2003 July 12./13.:

    At the international B-show in Mooslargue/Alsace (France) 
    PYRAMID AALIN got the 1. place with 276 points (92,0) , 
    the highest score of the junior-classes and was named 
    " Junior champion colts "

Foto 2003 - Neustadt/Dosse    © by Thomas Gutersohn

  • 2003 August 02./03.:

    Pyramid Aalin get the first place in class of 3-year old colts at 
    the Egyptian Event Europe 2003 at Baden-Baden/Iffezheim. 
    This event was the absolutely HIGHLIGHT in 2003 timetable.

    With 108,66 points he got the highest score of the junior-colt-classes.

Foto 2003 - EEE Baden-Baden  © by Alfred Kuempfel

Foto 2003 - EEE Baden-Baden   © by Erwin Escher


  • 2003 August 29./31. ASIL-CUP 2003, Marbach/Germany:

    PYRAMID AALIN get the of the 3-year-old stallions-class and 
    "Top-Ten-Stallion" of  SULTANAT OMAN ASIL CUP 2003.

Foto 2003 - ASILCUP Marbach    © by Erwin Escher


  • 2004 May 29./30. ARABICA Schotten/Germany (national C-show):

    at his first event as a "senior" PYRAMID AALIN get the of the 4 - 9  year-old stallions-class and 
    was named "Reserve-Champion Stallion". 
    All results of the ARABICA in Schotten

 Foto May 2004   Arabica Schotten  - © by 
Erwin Escher

 Foto Mai 2004   Arabica Schotten  - © by  Erwin Escher

  • Int. B-Show Ströhen 2004  

 Foto Juli 2004   Int.B-Schau Ströhen  - © by  Erwin Escher


 Foto August  2004   Egyptian Event Europe  - © by  Erwin Escher



  • Class win at TULIP CUP 2011 Deurne/NL Int.-B-Show

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