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Here some instructions to find all informations at our sides and in the  WWW (worldwideweb):

  1. underlined  words  are linked up to interesting INFORMATIONS
    (Links), or the way back to forward pages.
    You also can use the operations back  or  vorward in your browser-menue in any case of doubt .

  2. Alternation of mousecursor by going over photos or underlined text to a hand-symbol ( try) ;  
    ordering the way to further pages and informations.

    For exampel:   . . . the little photo at the intro page  "ARABITIS"  navigate to "ARABITIS";
    . . .  photo in "ARABITIS" to the pedigree of the mare
    . . .  copyright-informations conduct to the homepage of the creator
            (or at least to creators adress !)

  3. Small photos  in the album-pages  share online-time and are for your overall view; 
    if you click on, a new page opens with a bigger sized view.

    Size is a compromise to fast abload of the photos.
    Click to  next  or  back  will guide you the next photo or bring you to the superordinate page.

  4. To get the updated pages, please use the functions "Update" or "Reload" of your browser, 
    when visiting our pages once more.

From now on, you can find in the pedigree of Pyramid Set El Nil the link to her grandfather 
IBN EL MONIET with photo and pedigree or some other previous veiled information at our pages.

Have you turn out the page of Al Lahab or his pedigree, or Al Kidir and Kahila III ?

Enjoy surfing in WWW  and especially at our pages
  or the top secret account  !!!

If you want to change the type-size go at the main menue of your browser to
Overview > Type-size >  and choose your favorite font size .