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Pyramid     Laneya

photo  2003 July - ©  by Erwin Escher

  • At the Egyptian Event 2003 in Baden-Baden/Iffezheim PYRAMID LANEYA get first place 
    in class of 1-year old foals. She get the highest score (111) in the junior-class.

Foto 2003 - EEE Baden-Baden   © by Erwin Escher

  • She was named Junior-Reserve-Championesse Filly and as unique junior horse "TOP-Five-Females".

Foto 2003 - EEE Baden-Baden   © by Erwin Escher

  • Winner in showclass "most beautifull head - mares"  is  PYRAMID LANEYA.

Foto 2003 - EEE Baden-Baden   © by Erwin Escher


  • ASIL-CUP 2003 29./31.August at Marbach/Germany:
    PYRAMID LANEYA get class winner of the 1-year old fillies with highest scores in type 
    of the junior-classes. She is named "TOP-TEN-Mare" of  SULTANAT OMAN ASIL-CUP 2003.

Photos 2003    © by Erwin Escher

  • At the Junior-Championchips-Mares are only three (Dr.Sänger, Dr.Dr.Flade, Landw.-Dir.Petersen)
    instead of five judges in the ring. So we lost at least the titel of "Junior-Reserve-Champion-Mares".

Photo ASILCUP-Marbach 2003    © by Erwin Escher


  • At the international A-Show in May 2004 at Wels/Austria PYRAMID LANEYA get fifth place 
    in class of 2-year old foals. 

Foto  Wels 2004    © by Erwin Escher


  • In Vilhelmsburg/Danmark an international A-Show,
    PYRAMID LANEYA was 3.rd of 10 starters in 2-year old fillies-class.

    Foto  Vilhelmsburg  2004    © by Erwin Escher


  • Results of the class 2-year old fillies of EEE 2004  European Egyptian Event  click here 

Foto  Egyptian Event Europe 2004    © by Erwin Escher


  • Click for the results of
    in a high quality class of 16 fillies two years old PYRAMID LANEYA got 5. place
    and was qualified for the championships of TOP-Five.

  • At the ALL NATIONS CUP in Aachen PYRAMID LANEYA was 4th in her class, 
    a big success at this International A-Show.

  • The EUROPEAN-CHAMPIONCHIPS in Moorsele/Belgien brought a further success - 90,0 Points
    Look here for class-results and photos of this show. More photos from Moorsele by André Chezlebout

  • WORLD-CHAMPIONAT PARIS 2004:  PYRAMID LANEYA was qualified for the championship
    with 449 points and was named TOP-TEN  of Juniors - Female.

Foto  Worldchampionat Paris 2004    © by Erwin Escher


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Impressions by Irina Filsinger

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More photos from Paris-Finals by André Chezlebout

  • 2005 Mai 28. National C-Show  ARABICA SCHOTTEN : 
    Junior-Res.-Championesse  PYRAMID LANEYA

Foto 2005 © Joanna Jonientz


  • Class-Winner       3-year old fillies EGYPTIAN EVENT EUROPE 2005 

  • TOP-TEN MARE    EGYPTIAN EVENT EUROPE 2005 - Baden-Baden/Iffezheim

    Photo  EEE 2005   
    © by Erwin Escher

  • 2005 September 04. , ISIS-CUP 2005 Frauenfeld/CH :
    Class-Winner      3-year old fillies 

    Photo ISIS-CUP 2005 © by Julie De Geyter


  • 2008   ARABESQUE Baden-Baden: 

Fotos  ARABESQUE Baden-Baden 2008   
© by Erwin Escher

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